Targets are 8 swinging steel targets at 50 yards, ranging in size from 2” diameter to ¼” diameter in ¼” increments. Target value goes up as size goes down (5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40).

Targets must be shot in order, largest to smallest.  Target must visibly “swing” to be counted as a hit (Range Officials decision is final).  If a target is shot at and missed, you lose all accumulated points for that set.  If a target is shot out of order, you lose all points for that set.  You may stop at any time and keep all points earned for that set.  If time runs out and you have not missed, you keep your points for that set.

•    Match is 3 sets, shot from the prone position. Score for match is total from all 3 rounds.
•    There is a 3-minute time limit per set starting at the buzzer after load and make ready.
•    NO COACHING – Shooter is responsible for hitting correct target, doping wind, etc.
•    No scores will be announced until the end of the match.